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08 October 2006 @ 12:46 am
Bonjour darlings, it's been a happening week in the KAT-TUN fandom (as always) and we have some very good news for CD collectors. :D
But before we get into that, just a few reminders:
  • Memories
  • Vote for KAT-TUN
  • And vote here too, s'il vous plait
  • I do read your comments! I just... get too tired to reply. But thank you muchly, I appreciate knowing the archives help. :) ♥
  • We also need sites to feature! So at anytime, if you feel like it, drop your site's URL (if you have one) in a comment to the latest post. Or else we're just gonna link you to Google each time. :'D

Warning: Lots of bitching about my uni's (OMG SCHOOL IS THE PITS) internet connection, but let's hope the goods will distract you guys. :D

Issue #27 / Week 2006.10.01 - 2006.10.07Collapse )

Issue #27 Featured Site: Akanishi Jin - Unofficial Fansite
But fansites are unofficial. THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point that stanime was kind enough to offer her site up for plugging (merci~!) so HERE IT IS.
So you guys should check it out because it's a Jin fansite. Do you need another reason? I mean, COME ON. AKANISHI JIN. Go. :D
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24 September 2006 @ 09:42 am
STUPID O'CLOCK PST and I know I should've totally started this earlier but work and real life stuff had eaten my soul and I forgot :| so pardon the lack of spaz today but EPHE TOTALLY STILL LOVES YOU, YO.

→ because Ephe might've missed a couple things in the recap: somewhat up-to-date memories.
→ also vote for KAT-TUN, guys~ it's been six months and they're falling off the chart. DO YOU WANT THEM TO? NO, RIGHT? GO VOTE. ...THE DOMAIN EXPIRED. EMO D:
→ I love this little arrow thingie.

Now for the bulletin 8D!

Issue #24 / Week 2006.09.17 - 2006.09.23Collapse )

aaand, of course, Issue #25 Featured Site: Binan No Nikki
J-Web, J-Web, J-Web. Translations, translations, translations. Enough said :| I totally forgot if we've featured this site before or not but hey~ it's an awesome site and ::cough:: pardon me for saying that my absolute favorite J-Web is Ryo's :') Always remember that those people work hard for you, guys, so no stealing without permission, yeah? ^^v

As always, remember the C4: Comments, Critiques, Compliments, and Corrections~ apologies in advance if there were linking/crediting mistakes--TELL US WE WILL THANK YOU FOREVER AND FIX THE LINK. Also, prease to tell us if you want your site to be featured in next week's issue, yeah? D: We hope you find this useful because if you don't Ephe will cry emo!tear and crack will ensue stuff. See you in another bulletin, then ♥ BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~
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17 September 2006 @ 01:36 am
Hello all! Miya here, reporting all the way from Sunny Perth!
It's unbelievable - everything closes at 5 PM and there is like, NOTHING for the Japanese population. I could run for government. D:

BUT this isn't about me and my issues with Perth - this is about us and how we LOVE WHAT GOES ON IN THE KAT-TUN FANDOM EVERY WEEK. Yea? Yeah! So prease to remember our memories, people. They help you remember KAT-TUN always, always. :D
And while you're at it, spare a few clicks and vote for the guys, aight? It'll only make you happier. REALLY. Big orange button. Go go.
Random observation: did the fandom like, balloon over the past few months? Because, yea, sure seems like it did.

And now for the Miya-powered bulletin!

Issue #24 / Week 2006.09.10 - 2006.09.16Collapse )

Issue #24 Featured Site: Himitsu
Have we featured this site before? No frickin' clue. So professional.
ANYway you've got all the KAT-TUN downloads you could possibly want here. Like Dream Boys and whatev. It's all there. Along with all the other Johnny's stuff. And if you're not going for the downloads, it's just a fun site to surf around. So go get that finger clicking!

Okay that's it; my fingers are falling off homg it's too cold here.
Take care, you guys! Be good! :D
03 September 2006 @ 12:17 am

Another Sunday here in PST Zone means another bulletin for you to squee at and another set of links for you to play catch-up with :] This is your author Ephe reporting for the second time in a row while Miyadear and Sarahlove try not to die from school and work ♥! First off, let us welcome blondeweasley who had offered to help us archive the archives in order to keep the Memories neat and up-to-date ♥ round of applause, everyone!

Oh, by the way--I am not directing you to KASHU-NAVI linky thing because I HAVE CONFLICTING INTEREST DBSG is also in the list ::gets shot:: >_> JUST VOTE WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS YOU.

That said, let us go to the bulletin! :3

Issue #22 / Week 2006.08.27 - 2006.09.02Collapse )

Well, that was fun.

Of course~ Issue #22 Featured Site: kattun_claims
CLAIM EVERYTHING KAT-TUN! The boys, their songs, drama characters, pairings, character pairings, PVs, moments, CMs, concerts, Jinglish~~~ go wild and creative, folks. TIS FUN OKAY.

Now the usual rundown~ comments are love. Critiques help us. Corrections, please. Credits? Absolutely. Please to forgive your author for any crediting/linking mistakes; they were not intentional ♥ We hope you enjoy this bulletin, too, and if circumstances allow, we will see you next week.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone ♥
26 August 2006 @ 09:54 pm
Yo~ >D

This is Ephe, your other, long-gone author posting for kattun_archive ♥ Still remember me? I will be in charge of the bulletin for the next couple weeks, yo, as Sarah among_the_lost and Miya ojou are settling into their lovely-paced university lives and try not to kill themselves. See pattern? We got each other's backs, yo ♥

I'mma stop with the gangsta talk now. I phailed. I AM NOWHERE AS AWESOME AS KOKI LE SORRY D:


I would refer you to the memories, actually, but we've been severely outdated in that aspect D: I am le ashamed, but real life got the better of us, it seems. ANY OF YOU INTERESTED IN HELPING OUT? WE'LL CONSIDER YOU. Tis not easy work, no, and it needs a lot of time and dedication. THAT SAID. Without further ado!

Issue #21 / Week 2006.08.20 - 2006.08.26Collapse )

God, the stuff you post in a week.

OH YEAH. Issue #21 Featured Site: kattun_awards
Also our newest affiliate! We now have our own KAT-TUN icontest ♥ Please to check post for more information. JOIN UP AND SHOWER THE WORLD WITH KAT-TUN ICONS, BABY. I KNOW YOU'RE ALL ACTIVE ICONISTS. *cough*much more active than I am*cough* COME ON~

As usual, remember the C4: Comments, Criticisms, Compliments and Corrections 8D Many, many apologies in advance for any crediting/linking mistakes and forgotten links and stuff aaand~ don't forget to tell us if you want your site to be pimped in next week's bulletin, yo ♥ Thank you for reading and we will see you in another bulletin, oh yes we will.
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31 July 2006 @ 11:49 pm
Fourth week, and Sarah's coming back next week! (This is where you all rejoice and go homgyay!)
Well it's going to a dull bulletin, let me just warn you beforehand. I'm rushing for time and have yet to do my mountain-load of readings. XO
So let's jump into the bulletin without any more babbling from me... (also because I'm very late)

As usual, check the memories for things we've missed, kay?

Issue #17 / Week 2006.07.23 - 2006.07.29Collapse )

Issue #17 Featured Site: BAKA NO SEKAI
Why yes, they are that fansub group that subs funny things like the worst dates and X'mas Nante Daikirai. But beyond the subbing, there are other threads that provide for random fangirling, organised fangirling, quiet fangirling, intelligent fangirling, yaddayadda fangirling. You'll find all things KAT-TUN and JE related there, so go take a look!
23 July 2006 @ 08:54 pm
This would be the... third week in a row you're seeing me update this community.
You might find yourself asking, "Who the hell is this ojou??" Well remember miya_? Yes, my journal's undergone a Rename of Terrorz. It's to avoid confusion. SRSLY.
But yes, Ephe and Sarah aren't back yet. So... cross your fingers and pray facing the east everyday that they'll come back soon! Because I miss them! And my fingers are hurting!

So yeah, check the memories for things we've missed out on.

Issue #16 / Week 2006.07.16 - 2006.07.2Collapse )

Issue #16 Featured Site: HESITATE FANSUBS
Yes marvel at my originality, please. For those of you who don't already know, this group is responsible for all the subbed files of things like Real Face Film floating around the net. So if you find any English subbed file of Real Face Fim that's accredited to someone else, they are real fake. Access the Hesitate forums for fangirling, JE discussions, translations and subbed files of other JE groups like K8! And pictures, of course. Can't live without the pictures.

So have a great week; take it easy now!
16 July 2006 @ 12:00 am
Right on the dot.
Welcome to another episode of Miya Hogs the KTArchive Limelight!
I'm sure you're all very sick of me and my grumpy sarcasm already, but our darling Ephe is still connection-less (and a little high slash jaded from her encounter with TVXQ), and sweetie-pie Sarah is off enjoying herself in Boston! I can’t ruin their fun, can I? That'll just be rude.

SO. FIRST UP. Check the memories for things we've missed out on. Er, provided we've updated it. ^^;

Issue #15 / Week 2006.07.09 - 2006.07.15Collapse )

Issue #15 Featured Site: ETERNAL LOVE
The fandom's first Polish website, potentially to be in English! Please don't kick me for putting up a non-English site - I mean, I don't even understand Polish myself. But it's a fansite in a new language! It's a new KAT-TUN fansite! So uhm, yea. *runs*
09 July 2006 @ 01:59 am
A little early this week, but it's now or Monday. And that's very late. ^^;

Where's Ephe? Not here. Actually she's off to enjoy herself with TVXQ. D: Everyone scream EPHE WE LOVE YOU and she'll be back next week.
Where's Sarah? Not here either; any more questions?
But Miya is here to feed the masses with their weekly dose of KAT-TUN archive bulletin thing.
And if you're expecting some sort of YAYOMGKYAA high, forget it. I have university admissions and they're making me very grumpy and headache-y.

But before I let you guys go on to the bulletin, a few reminders:
  1. Remember to vote (for Real Face?? D:)
  2. Check the memories. Really. They're helpful for things we've missed.
Issue #14 / Week 2006.07.02 - 2006.07.08Collapse )

Issue #14 Featured Site: Binan no Nikki (The Diary of Beautiful Men)
Translations galore, for translation whores. Mostly K8 centric, butbutBUT, there are KAT-TUN articles there, so go check it out.
Haven't got the chance to ask for permission (GASPSHOCKHORROR), so if the webmistresses want me to take this link down, just let me know.
(And credit for the link goes to emi_akachan. :3)
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18 June 2006 @ 12:43 am
Top o' the mornin' to yeh!

HELLO AGAIN and you are reading the 11th issue of kattun_archive bulletin. I am your modly god godly mod, Ephe, and I will guide you through the fascinating recap journey of what had happened in KAT-TUN LJ-dom these past week :] OBLIGATORY REFERRAL TO MEMORIES: there you go. As Ephe might miss one or two things in the recapping session but ay. She is only human.

And now.

You guys have any idea how difficult Astronomy is? No? WELL! YOU GUYS SHOULD. IT IS DIFFICULT 8D At least for teh Ephe because she just got past the first week of her four-week Summer Astronomy Class and she's wanting to bang her head repeatedly on the wall right now. Homework every three days! Midterm next Thursday! While I am in the spirit, we are going to use Astronomical symbols... WITH A BIT OF EXPLANATIONS. DEAL. Now, read this later, kids, because this is going to be long ♥

...or, you know, you can just skip all the colored parts XD

Issue #11 - Week 2006.06.11 - 2006.06.17Collapse )

Yes, I had too much time and crack sugar. I hope I didn't make your eyes bleed acid 8D; BECAUSE I AM DOING THIS AGAIN NEXT ISSUE!

OH. Issue #11 Featured Site: toraniya.
What is this, you may ask? Tis ojou's lovely translation comm :3 mostly KAT-TUN and Gazette (although I haven't seen Gazette ones, no) and it was JUST opened so you got it fresh from the oven, yo. I can guarantee that ojou knows her translating shit and I will marry her again for the third time if she'll have me ♥ Check the comm out and shower her with love, yo XD


I am tired and seeing stars. Thank you for reading! As always, we're open to C4: Comments, Critiques, Compliments, and Corrections! Please do tell Ephe if she made any crediting/linking mistakes and she will correct it right away with a million thanks to you :3 As for now, I'll see you in a week (or more, WHEN IS SARAH COMING BACK AGAIN? ANYBODY KNOWS AND WANTS TO LET THE EPHE KNOW?) and here's a bit of advice if you want to take Astronomy class just out of the blue:


♥ Out.

ETAx1; Hokay... preliminary errors fixed XD Thanks to seizu!
ETAx2; FIXED ANOTHER THING >_> I AM LE RETARDED AND IT WAS LATE OKI. July 19 is... a month and two days from now. AND OTHER STUFF TO LIKE WRONG LINKING AND... STUFF. Thanks, emi_akachan XD
ETAx3; And... another labeling malfunction. Thank you, imwahyou~!
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