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kattun_archive is a livejournal community dedicated to document the happenings of other (mostly anyway) KAT-TUN communities and bundle them up in a bulletin released weekly in order to inform the world about what is happening in the LJ-dom of KAT-TUN-ness.

In English: We categorize posts from other KAT-TUN comms under Memories and let you know what is out and what is hot in weekly bulletins and make life easier for us all. Here we archive just about everything except for fanfictions (suggestion: go to jent_fanfics).

The weekly bulletin is posted every Sunday before noon PST :D We review all netdom activities from Sunday the previous week to Saturday the current week -- a total of 7 days! Feel free to browse around our archives, hopefully we have the files you're looking for :3 Don't forget to leave comment in the posts you pilfered~!

And no, the bulletins must NOT go out of this community without proper crediting and permission. I will hunt you down and kick your ass, you hear? ♥

. R E S O U R C E S
akame_, boys_paper, jin_daily, jodyn, kame_daily, kattunlove, toraniya

. userinfo: xakamex @ kattunlove or Biased Distiny.
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All info/graphics/etc. belong to their respective owners. No profit made, no copyright infringement intended.
. M A I N T A I N E R S

. Ephe @ audient // Founder
contact: pushing.cobwebs [at] gmail.com (e-mail)

. Sarah @ among_the_lost // Mod
contact: cabinet45 (AIM)

. Miya @ ojou // Substitute Mod

. blondeweasley // Archiver ♥

. A F F I L I A T E S

boys_paper - hi-res scans of pretty boys ♥
kattun_awards - kat-tun icontest, yo ♥
kattunlove - biggest general KAT-TUN comm in the LJ-Planet 8D
kame_daily - kame. daily. pics and stuff, yo ♥
jin_daily - jin. daily. also pics and stuff 8D
toraniya - ojou's translation journal. top quality, yo ♥

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